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Feature Tour

Software for Tour Operators

Sightsee is a complete business management system for Tour Operators.

Sightsee manages the operations life-cycle from creating  products and packages, managing inventory, taking real-time bookings, printing meal and run sheets to organising pickups and courtesy buses.

It includes a project management system to manage the day to day resources within a company and to track and confirm the availability of the resources of any “packaged” suppliers.

Customers, Wholesalers and Agents can access real-time tour availability and book securely online. Wholesalers and Agents have their own access whereby they can track their commissions and view invoices and notifications.

There is an accounting component for creating monthly, quarterly and yearly statements, tracking commissions, and part payments for group bookings.

There are extensive sales reports including agent credit and non-credit, wholesale, direct sales, sales per product, per country and more…

A major benefit to a Tour Operator is that all information regarding customers, suppliers, packages and pricing are stored in the one secure location while their business can be distributed across multiple locations. It’s this ease of distribution and time management savings through efficient software that make SightSee unique.

We provide everything you need in a total tour reservation software package to get you started quickly.

  • We Set You Up We Set You Up

    We will do the initial set up from configuring resources and products, entering pickup locations and adding previous and current bookings.

  • We Train You We Train You

    After we have set up Sightsee we will run you through the features. It’s easy to learn and you will be taking bookings in no time.

  • You Relax You Relax

    Once Sightsee is set and activated you only need to manage day to day activities such as bookings, run sheets and meals.